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June 3, 2011
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Marx Piba and Trinity by Tamway-Doyle Marx Piba and Trinity by Tamway-Doyle
I am so entering this Tournament. Like, let's do this.
And I am also adding a crow. If you can't draw birds, come step in my boat. We can cry together and listen to Marx angst.
And there's also Piba. She's a Corgi. One of the Corgwn. Did you know that Corgwn is plural for Corgi?


Name: Marx

Breed Base: Border Collie

Age: Two years, and a little change.

Gender: Boy

Abilities: None. Marx is a plain BC.

- Marx is light - that stuff all over him isn't fat, it's fluff. This means that he can move quickly with little effort. He's also rather agile - very light on his paws.
- Marx has quick reflexes; in a fight he can see, process, and react with next to no delay.
- Marx has claws that are rather longer and sharper than your average dog's, which gives him a unique advantage in that he has ripping power in something outside of his fangs.

- Marx has a LOT of floofy fur, which weighs on his breathing and stamina - it's especially bad on hot days.
- Marx isn't very strong. He can strike quickly, but he doesn't exactly have 'stopping power'.
- Marx is rather pain-sensitive. As most of his fighting style revolves around hit-and-run, he has a harder time than others when fighting with painful injuries.
- Marx's lightness makes it rather easy for other dogs to throw him to the ground, which makes him more vulnerable to attacks.

Personality: Marx is quiet and reserved around most dogs (or crows) - even his friends. He doesn't appreciate strangers' company at all. He has very little in the way of social grace and if someone who isn't his friend begins to annoy him, he will often just get up and walk away. Marx almost always has something on his mind (it's usually his father or the tournament or Trinity) and he doesn't like to be disturbed when he's stressing over crap. However, when Marx isn't worried or worrying, he can be a pretty fun guy to be around. He usually acts grouchy around Piba but they both know that he loves her to death and such. Marx also has a problem with holding grudges. His pride and anger issues make life a lot harder for him than it should be. He often looks down on other dogs. Mention his dad - or the Tournament - or Beyra - to his face at your own risk. Marx also usually has a bee up his butt about protecting family, and he will almost always stick beside those he loves.

History: His past will be explained. However, it is known by this point that his father Sergei was involved in the Tournament and made it to the final round. It is also known that his father was defeated by the current Scourge of Pripyat, Beyra. It is unknown what happened between the defeat and the present day.

Likes: Shade, snow, the night, cool days, Piba (<3), quiet, fruit.

Dislikes: Heat, loud noises, the Tournament in general, ignorant dogs, needless violence, injustice, the city, Beyra.

Other: MARX CAN READ. -cue gasps of shock-

Name: Piba

Breed Base: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Age: A little over one year old

Gender: Lady

Abilities: When she is under stress, Piba's paws will leak a clear substance that reacts to and gels in air, acting like a sort of glue. The stuff will stick to anything it touches, and can slow up dogs pretty well. However, the substance wears off after about an hour of air contact, and Piba runs out of it if she uses much more than enough to stick two of someone's paws completely to the ground. She replenishes at a slow rate; it can take anywhere from between twenty-four to forty-eight hours for her entire supply of fluid to replenish, depending on how much strain Piba puts on her feet. (i.e. If she sleeps all day, Piba will restore the stuff more quickly than if she were to spend the day walking). Piba also has to be careful when her claws start 'leaking', because A) She leaves a track-able trail, B) She can waste the stuff rather easily, and C) It is entirely possible for her to get stuck in her own stuff if she doesn't get her paws out of the puddle, fast.

Piba has her claw-glue going for her and that's about where her advantages run out. She's okay at planning - she will sometimes have random, really good ideas and at other times seem as intelligent as a wet piece of wood - but she's horrible at fang-to-fang combat.

- Piba is is relatively fat, and definitely out of shape. This makes her slow, and she has fairly little stamina.
- Piba is small, which gives her extremely little reach.
- Piba is stubby. This makes her slow also, and having to work her legs harder than a larger dog's is a heavy toll on her energy.

Personality: Piba is odd. Her cheerful, sunshiny personality seems to be completely out of place in the desolate, ruined city of Pripyat. However, that doesn't stop her from constantly seeing the glass as half full. She is happy and bouncy, with the maturity of a child and boundless kindness that would at least get her close in a competition for the most well-meaning thing on the planet. She always is trying to do nice things for Marx and Trinity, though her own clumsiness gives her the tendency to bungle the heck out of most things. She can also be quite whiny and bothersome without realizing it; she is remarkably naive and tends to not grasp the gravity of anything. She scares easily, though she would stick with Marx and Trinity through thick and thin and would do anything for either of them.

History: TBA.

Likes: Marx, sunsets, life, snow, autumn leaves, caring for others.

Dislikes: Cats, fish, running, anger.

Other: Corgwn are awesome. I also like writing Corgwn. Corgwn, Corgwn, Corgwn.

Name: Trinity

Breed Base: Hooded Crow

Age: Seven years.

Gender: Woman

Abilities: Trinity is a 'Seer' and can predict what others will do to a limited extent. This doesn't happen often, however; usually she can only see when something happens that would kill someone (ie, an unstable tree that would fall in seconds, crushing her when she flew under it). However, these fits are extremely rare and she usually just gets a 'bad feeling' about possibly dangerous circumstances. More often, she has dreams in which she will see the future; however, this is a tricky business, as the future she sees is only the possible outcome of one of the hundreds of 'routes' that she and her friends can follow to get to that point in time.

Trin can't fight. She has a deadly lung disease known (quite creatively!) as the Sickness. Plus, she's a crow. Crows can't fight in the Tournament.

See above.

Personality: Despite the fact that she knows the Sickness will probably kill her, Trinity tries to maintain some level of optimism. She is very quiet and thoughtful most of the time, and usually only speaks when she and her friends are alone. She tends to have a rather morose and melancholy feel to her, though she can also be amusing. She isn't very expressive most of the time; however, around her friends she tends to loosen up and will even make jokes. She loves to tell and hear stories.

History: TBA.

Likes: The night, shiny objects, the sky, aurorae borealis, storytelling, forests.

Dislikes: Hate, pettiness, selfishness, winds, closed spaces.

Other: Man, she's so off scale!


At any rate, Trinity has had a dream not that long ago, in which she saw that she was going to die on a coincidental winter solstice in which the sun would eclipse as it set. So yeah. Unless her body can fight off the Sickness and heal, she will die on that day.

PS Also: I call the Tourney Champ the Scourge of Pripyat. In my mind, the dogs call the Champion that because they would probably A) Respect/fear the Champ, and B) Harbor some level of dislike for the one who gathers half the city dogs to kill each other on an irregular basis. It also alludes that the Scourge would have had to defeat/kill several dogs on their way up the ladder.

EDIT: Finally replaced the older, more hideous image. :D
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DannyHorseRules Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2012  Hobbyist
Marx is so handsome oh! <3
...for a dog...
Is that a scar on his shoulder or something on my computer monitor? ;u;
Tamway-Doyle Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No, it be a scar. Guess you need to know because you will be drawing him.
DannyHorseRules Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2012  Hobbyist
Thank you!~ If you have any questions regarding Tyson, feel more than welcome to ask me!~
Tamway-Doyle Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Same here! Best to keep things as nonconfusing as possible, amirite?
DannyHorseRules Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2012  Hobbyist
Yep hehe~
Kibago-Mayfan Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011
WHOA. You have gotten GOOD.
Tamway-Doyle Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why thank yew~ You flatter me.
Songdog-StrayFang Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011  Student Writer
Marx looks like he greatly requires a tophat! Would match his fur.
Tamway-Doyle Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would at that! XD
I <3 top hats.
Canis-ferox Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2011  Student General Artist
I like Marx's personality. C: But why is it ironic that long fur is uncomfortable on hot days? That's more logical than ironic.
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